Philosophy of Ministry

Riverside Baptist Choir

We are God’s servants. This is the engine behind our ministry as a choir and what we do as those who are redeemed by Jesus’ blood. Notice the word “servant.” It means that we give ourselves in service, not because we feel like it, but because God requires it of us. A servant does not have the option of deciding when or where they may serve; rather, they are at their boss’ call. Likewise, we as God’s servants do so at His call, and for us, in the choir, the call is in the form of worship leaders here at Riverside. How does this affect the way we do ministry? Here are a few thoughts:

  1. We give our best at all times. God isn’t so much interested in how good we are at what we do. After all, let’s face it…He’s God, and our little talents will do nothing in impressing Him. What impresses God is a heart broken before Him, willing to do as He asks and willing to do it with every nerve and sinew within us. When we give of our best to God, He is glorified, and He will bless it beyond our wildest dreams.
  2. Second, we understand that we serve God. Not Riverside, not anyone but God. Sometimes we get into the mode that we volunteer to sing in the choir. We don’t. Always remember that we are servants—not volunteers; we volunteer for social clubs, but we serve in God’s house.
  3. Finally, what we do has eternal consequences. While it’s always good to get an occasional pat on the back, we serve to glorify God, not to receive the praises of man. When we glorify God, when we lift Him up, He promises to draw all men to Himself. Therefore, our focus should always be on touching lives for eternity. We may never know the life impacted or changed by our service to God, so let us work knowing that this vineyard has an abundant harvest of souls!