About the Riverside Journey

The Riverside Journey describes the path we are on as members of Riverside Baptist Church. It is based on the challenge Jesus made in Matthew 4:19: "Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men." The Riverside Journey encapsulates our Mission, Vision, and Values into a single path that we believe all followers of Jesus Christ are called upon to walk.

Our purpose as a church is to reach and transform lives to become fishers of men. We will do so through:
  • Our Mission: INVITE, GROW, SEND.
  • Our Vision: Being an Acts 2, Acts 4, Matthew 28, Acts 1 and Matthew 25 church (Worship, Fellowship, Discipleship, Missions, and Ministry).
  • Our Values: Christ-Centered, Grace-Filled, Bible-Based and Mission-Minded.
As a member of Riverside, this can be accomplished by the following...