Music and Worship

Our Mission

The mission of the Music Ministry at Riverside Baptist Church is to glorify God by providing a diverse program of quality music for worship and ministry and to intentionally provide an atmosphere of worship and worship leadership for all members of the church family.

Our Vision

  1. Our music will deepen and intensify our worship experience.
  2. Our music will proclaim Christ's message and help form our identity as his disciples.
  3. Our music will foster community within the church and beyond.
  4. We will share our music with others as a gift from God.

Our Values

All structures rest on a foundation, without which the rest of the structure, no matter how well conceived, loses integrity. The Music Ministry of Riverside will be no different. Therefore, our Foundation will be biblical, spiritual, and innovative. We will relate to each other as members of Christ's body, by valuing, praying for and believing in each other. "More than Music: We are Family" is our motto, because it is freeing and powerful to worship and work with those we care about.

The template for church musicians in the scriptures is that we are to be "trained and skilled in music for the Lord" (1 Ch. 25:7). Accordingly, we will seek to devote time in rehearsals for training and continuing education, so that we may offer our best in Christ's service.

Of all people, Christ's disciples have every excuse to celebrate his love, mercy, grace, and goodness. Therefore all we do should be geared toward enabling all who hear and experience our music to celebrate Jesus and his power to change our lives.