Our Vision

Our vision guides us, pulls us toward the future. Our vision is five-fold:
  1. We will be an Acts 2 church, filled with awe at God's Majesty, where worship and the study of the Bible is the cornerstone of all we do.
  2. The early church in the book of Acts paints a wonderful picture of the value of fellowship among God's people. Fellowship means we take care of each other in the same way that we care for members of our own families. We will provide for the needs of each other (physical, material, emotional, spiritual). We will be an Acts 4 church.
  3. Disciples make other disciples. That is the way God designed it. First, we must become disciples, surrendering our entire being to Christ and follow him. We will be a Matthew 28 church whereas Christ's disciples we will obey his word and make disciples.
  4. We will be an Acts 1 church on mission for our Lord and his Kingdom. Christ has called us to be his witnesses, first at home here in Kendall, throughout Miami and South Florida, and to the rest of the world.
  5. Every follower of Jesus at Riverside will discover and use their gifts and talents to enrich the church and redeem God's world. We will be a Matthew 25 church seeking to use our gifts and talents to care for and redeem "the least of these."